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Why a cat backpack is a better option than any other carrier!

Still confused about getting a backpack? Here’s a detailed list of reasons why you need to switch from any other carrier to a cat backpack.

We don’t see why anyone would even be reconsidering their decision to switch to a cat backpack but since you might be confused, we’re here to let you decide for yourself and make that decision easier on you. A cat backpack is an accessory (and necessity) for cat owners all around the world. Every cat owner knows the struggle of carrying your cat around in an uncomfortable cage which makes them fussy which in turn makes you fussier!

We’re convinced that cat backpacks were created for the sake of not leaving behind your cats behind when you take a trip, a cat backpack provides a stable and safe environment for your cat to be carried around in comfortably.

There are many different carriers out there for your furry friends. Be it for cats or dogs or any pet with a size you can lounge around on your commute. People have been using baskets and cages and even strollers you can pull around. While it may seem the thing to go for when traveling, it is not exactly as user-friendly as people have been led to believe.


Cat Backpack vs Cat Cages

Take cages, for example. Most cages are made up of metal bars and are extremely sturdy. Which makes them very uncomfortable. They are uncomfortable for your cat to stay in and for you to carry. Not only that, but it is also very dangerous. Your cat can easily get herself in a predicament. Getting her leg stuck between the bars of the cage or trying to nail her way out because it feels to open and unnatural. Sound like a disaster waiting to happen? That’s because it is.

Plain backpacks (Or as our cats like to refer to them – human bags):

Cat Backpacks vs Ordinary Bags

You may then think about using a bag. You have a camp like bags out there that provide a comfortable space for your cat to sit in. But they are handheld. And that can get tiring. Not only that, they limit your cat’s view and the ability to see where they are. The mobility, combined with the lack of vision can make your cat very claustrophobic and feral. And that can quickly turn into an awful experience for you both. Sure, some cats might be comfortable in a carry on bag like that but how long before it gets agitated with the lack of movement and wants out? Constantly jerking back and forth as you walk down the street is sure to cause your furry best friend ample amount of discomfort.

Take it from a cat owner, we’ve all been there.

In the words of a tired cat owner“The constant visits to the vets, or the playdates with the other animals, it all seemed too hectic with a cage or bag. My cat could never quite get the feel of it. Until we came across cat backpacks, that is. It seemed a little peculiar at first, wondering how I would walk around with a cat strapped to my bag. Until I looked at what a cat backpack actually meant. It is literally a backpack that holds a cat!”

Cat Backpacks:

Cat backpacks come in a large variety. Mainly because each one of them is designed to tackle a specific situation or journey. It takes out the effort of having to haul around a cage or push a pet stroller since it simply rests on your back. The backpack comes equipped with the most durable yet comfy mesh on the inside. It makes sure your cat has enough room to wiggle but also to rest comfortably and not be jiggled about when in motion.

Comfortable Cat Backpack

When you are traveling, it is always a different situation with various factors that you need to take into account. Such as how long your trip is going to be, how many stops you would have to make or how much rest you are going to get. Taking all these decisions beforehand can make things a lot easier for you.

The backpacks come equipped with glass or plastic windows for your cat to look around and comes with sizable holes to ensure ventilation. It does not matter if you have cats of different sizes because the backpacks also come in different sizes to accommodate them. Certain backpacks are also adjustable. They can be extended to provide more room for your cat to move around and play if the need be. If your cat does not like closed spaces or enclosures where it can not see, backpacks also come in complete transparency (made out of mesh) that allows your cat to see what is going on. If you have a fussy cat, they come with more durable mesh on the inside and leather seams so it doesn’t get damaged if in case your cat likes to scratch. The backpacks are easy to maintain and clean as well in case yours ever gets dirty due to an accident. All things considered, it will look good on you too. The backpacks are very stylish and come in different colors and materials that you can match with your outfit because that’s important too!

Variety of Cat Backpacks

Here is a list of certain backpacks that can you can take a look at for guidance:

1. "The Explorer Cat".

This is the backpack for a cat that is curious, or even anxious. Most cat owners know how their cats react to certain things and if you think your cat would be anxious during the trip, this is your saving grace. It has a glass bubble for your cat to gaze around and a metal zipper to ensure durability and safety!

The Explorer Cat Backpack

2. "The Fat Cat".

This backpack is to accommodate bigger cats. It has a larger space for your cat to sit and relax without feeling uncomfortable or squeezed.

The Fat Cat Backpack

Pro tip: It can also be used as a carrier for more than one kitten or smaller cats!

3. "The Convertible".

This backpack is ideal for longer trips and if you’re looking to travel a large distance as this bag can be extended to provide more space for your cat to move around and stretch their legs. It’s also a great backpack to have around on trips that require a lot of waiting around.

The Convertible Cat Backpack

Just like that, there are many different backpacks that you can use according to what suits your needs. And that of your cat too. They minimize the work and increase comfort for both you and your pet and also add a little flair to your wardrobe!

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