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Tips and Advice for a new cat backpack user!

Got your new backpack but still getting used to it? Keep reading to find out useful tips to get used to your new accessory!

A cat backpack is an essential buy for every cat owner in the world. Let me brief you about what a cat backpack is, if you’re on this post, you already know what a cat backpack is. A cat backpack is a backpack that’s used for making sure cats travel with style and comfortability.

Let’s start this article with the basics, cat backpacks, as you must have read before are not like normal backpacks which means getting used to using them is a bit harder. Now, a cat backpack is more for your cat than it is for you but as a cat owner, you’re the one who has to get your cat used to being inside the backpack.

The first advice/tip every new user should follow is that you need to make sure your cat loves the backpack. If you force the backpack on your cat, it will end in catastrophe. For making sure your cat loves the backpack – make them feel at home with it. Our wide range of backpacks has made it easier for you to pick the one you think your cat would love.

Another tip that we’ve gotten from our cat backpack users is that every time they’ve tried to fit more than one cat (even if it’s a kitty) inside a backpack that’s made for one cat it makes them feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

For this, people with kittens or more than one cat (cats that aren’t BIG, that is) we advise our users to get "The Fat Cat", that’s built specifically for big cats. Why we advise users to get this backpack for using this backpack for more than one cat is because it has a lot of room for your cat(s) to be comfortable. Using any other backpack, be it one from our wide range of backpacks, would result in cats being uncomfortable. A backpack that’s built for larger cats would cater to more than one cat that is more towards the smaller side which is why “The Fat Cat” would be the perfect fit.

The Fat Cat Backpack

Another tip that we usually give to our users is that before traveling if you’re traveling by plane or train make sure they accommodate pets. Most means of traveling are pet-friendly but it never hurts to check.

One more thing to remember before making the purchase is that you should buy a cat backpack that is fit for your own car. Most of the traveling that your cat will be doing is going to be done by your own car which is why it’s important to make sure it fits perfectly in your car while you travel. You wouldn’t want to make yourself and your cat uncomfortable by fitting the backpack in a small space.

Furthermore, when you are picking a backpack try to pick one that fits your aesthetic or your definition of style. You will be carrying the backpack with you on most occasions which is why is it is essential that it is one that you like. If you buy a backpack that you are not fond of, chances are, your cat will also not like the backpack as much. We advise all our users to buy colors that they like, our wide range of backpacks includes more than four colors in each model/design giving you a large variety to choose from. If you want a backpack that has more options in the color scheme, we suggest looking at our "The Convertible"which comes in six colors and is best suited for people who are picky about their accessories.

The Convertible Cat Backpack

After buying your definition of your perfect cat backpack, you need to take care of a few things such as making sure your backpack is clean at all times. Your cat will not get used to being inside the backpack if it’s unclean. Not to forget, it’s extremely unhygienic to keep a backpack that’s unclean for your cat. Make sure you clean the backpack every two-three weeks.

Another tip we make sure to give to our users is to make sure when you take your first official trip with your pet in the cat backpack that the trip does not end in a sad manner. By sad, we mean that you should not take them to the vet or a place they hate for their first trip. Doing this will only result in them despising the backpack itself. Cats are quick learners and will associate bad things with the backpack which will result in more trouble for you!

We did our research on cats and found that most cats are very scent-centered which is why we advise our users to use scents that their cats like on the backpack before introducing them to their new home/playground and bed.

After coming home from a trip with your backpack, make sure you clean the backpack. The backpack is your cat’s new home and making sure it’s clean and safe is part of your responsibility now. Cleaning the backpack will result in your cat being more comfortable while traveling long distances in it.

A random tip that we think everyone needs to know when starting to travel with a cat is that you need to realize that cats are not fond of traveling, nor do they like it. However, if you are a travel person, you would obviously need your cat to become an adventure cat as well. To ensure that your cart has no problem traveling as much as you do. Make sure you carry their favorite toy along with you inside the backpack, this will not only keep them distracted on your trip but also help motivate them to go with you to long trips.

A tip that cat owners find useful is to get a scratching post inside the backpack, this is for feisty cats. Many cats get nervous during trips which might result in scratching and ruining the insides of the backpack. However, if you don’t want to invest in a scratching post and deem it unnecessary. We advise you to buy our "The Adventurous Traveling Catswhich is made specifically for incidents like these. The material of this backpack is designed to prevent the scratching from ruining the backpack.

The Adventurous Traveling Cat Backpack

Knowing how to use your backpack is more essential than picking one out, once you get used to using one and your cat is comfortable inside their new home – your life will become much easier than it was before. The hassle will end!

If these tips were helpful, visit now to shop for more stylish accessories for you and your furry friend to prevent any pawwblems!


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