"The Explorer Cat" Backpack.

The Explorer Cat is a chic backpack with a glass bubble and built-in zipper lock which is suitable for travelers. The zipper lock ensures safety of your cat while you enjoy your trip alongside your cat without worrying for its safety and comfort.

Safety comes first!

"The Fat Cat" Backpack

The Fat Cat is designed specifically for big cats. Most backpacks don’t have the space/strength to carry a big cat which becomes a problem for large cat owners. The Fat Cat provides a stylish solution to your problem.

Feed your cat as much as you want while travelling in style (and comfort).

"The Rambler Cat” Backpack

Cats normally get scared/nervous while travelling due to the new environment and mobility during the trip which is why “The Rambler Cat” is the best bet for cats who get scared easily. This is built with mesh windows and is a transparent yet chic backpack.

A traveler cat can now look as chic as it sounds!

"The Convertible Cat" Carrier Backpack

The Convertible is an easy to use backpack for your cat to play in. It has an option to extend the backpack into a camp-like structure so your cat gets more room to play in. This is an excellent choice for people going on long trips with more waiting time.

More space to play equals a happy cat!

"The City Chic" Carrier Backpack

The City Chic is an easy to carry leather bag built for people travelling in cars, it has a glass bubble for your cat to look around from. The leather makes it much more durable than any other backpack as it prevents any damage from scratching. The City Chic also includes a pouch on the side for water storage, which is a great way to remember to hydrate yourself during a long trip without having to carry a water bottle!

A chic look for your chic furry friend!

Choosing the perfect backpack for your cat

Choosing the perfect backpack for your cat may seem like a tiring job but here’s a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure your cat really loves the new backpack!


The size of the backpack you choose is really important, make sure you choose a backpack that’s perfect for your cat.

Always make sure the backpack can hold the weight of your cat and is easily carriable by you!


Always make sure the backpack has enough space for your cat to move around in.

A backpack too big will definitely cause discomfort for your furry friend or a backpack too small will make your cat feel uneasy.


Make sure the backpack doesn’t make your cat feel Claustrophobic or scared. This can easily be done by making sure the backpack has airholes for air circulation.

Your cat needs to be in a backpack which they can easily breathe in.


You have to make sure your cat is easily placed in the cat backpack which is why it’s important to note the entrance points of a backpack. Make sure the entrance points are large enough for your cat to go in from without getting hurt or annoyed.

Since you will be the one carrying the backpack, make sure it fits your definition of a stylish accessory along with the comfort of your pet!

These are just the basic guidelines for choosing a backpack. Now you’re ready to choose for yourself! Happy shopping.