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What Backpack is perfect fit for your Cat?

Wondering what backpack is the most suited for your cat? Find the perfect cat backpack for your furry friend today.

While most people will have you believe that your cat is doing just fine snuggling up on your regular backpack, we’re here to tell you why this is dangerous for them! Cat backpacks are designed specifically for cats, there are many things that distinguish them from a normal backpack and some of them include water resistance, air holes, and glass bubbles.

Most travelers who own cats have been known to talk about how their cats love snuggling inside or on top of their backpacks, which is why most people prefer to travel with their cats in their own personalized backpacks.

We’re here to provide you with a guide on how to choose the best backpack for your cat.

Knowing your cat.

The first step in selecting a backpack that’s suitable for your cat is to check if the backpack has enough ventilation, space, and durability. The second step is to know your cat, by knowing your cat we don’t mean getting to know them personally – but we mean knowing the size of your cat, what your cat likes, dislikes and most of all your cat’s irritability to certain materials. For your cat to be comfortable in their backpack you need to know the material which would be best suited for them, cats are easily irritated and annoyed which is why cats are known to be the worst travelers at first!

Best Backpack for Pet Cats

Choosing the perfect sized backpack.

The size is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a backpack for your little buddy, a cat backpack will most likely be the home for your cat each time you go out, which is why you need to ensure the backpack has enough space for your cat to be comfortable in.

Finding the perfect size for your little friend can be a difficult task but we have a large variety of cat backpacks to choose from. If you are the owner of a large cat or a cat that’s more towards the larger end of the spectrum, you may want to go for our backpack called "The Fat Cat Backpack", which is designed especially for big cats – as the name suggests. Buying this would ensure that your cat is comfortable while they enjoy traveling without being fussy. The air-hole in this backpack ensures that your cat is placed safely inside without being agitated.

The Fat Cat Backpack

However, if your cat is smaller you can go for our backpack named "The Pushy Cat" , which is a backpack designed for smaller cats ensuring the safety of your pet while traveling. No one wants excessive space for your small friend to get scared in while you’re on a trip. Excessive space in a backpack might even cause the cat to feel stranded or alone during your trip.

The Pushy Cat Backpack

Choosing a backpack for a feisty cat.

Knowing your cat's habits is almost as important as choosing the size. Most cat owners know their pet’s habits by heart. A lot of cats that are feisty normally, or even cats that get especially feisty while traveling, might scratch the backpacks during a trip because of which you will need a backpack that can survive the scratching. To ensure that your investment in our backpacks is durable we suggest buying "The City Chic" , which is made of leather which helps keep the scratches from damaging the backpack.

The City Chic Cat Backpack


Choosing a backpack for playful kitties.

A lot of cat owners report that their cats are playful and need to play during a long-trip which becomes a problem if the bag does not have enough space, which is why we suggest our backpack "The Convertible", which can be converted to a larger camp-like structure if in case your cat gets fussy and needs room to play. This helps confine them to a certain place safely in the case of a public space waiting during your trip – you don’t want to lose your precious buddy!

The Convertible Cat Backpack

Ensuring their safety and health.

While choosing a backpack, you need to make sure that the backpack allows air circulation within it. Cats that are not used to traveling might not be able to grasp the concept of a backpack and with small ventilation portals, they might get claustrophobic.

All of our backpacks include ventilation parts for your cat’s health. However, if in case you want a backpack that ensures it 100%, or are a new cat traveler, we would suggest "The Breathable Backpack", as the name suggests this is one of our backpacks that’s built out of mesh which ensures a safe environment for your cat to travel in and look around while you’re at it.

The Breathable Cat Backpack

Keeping in mind your own style.

While choosing a backpack that’s most well-suited for your cat, you need to remember that you will be the one carrying it which is why it’s essential that you make sure you like the backpack as much as your cat does. You will be the one carrying your cat around and if the backpack you choose does not fit your criteria of style it may get boring for you!

The location of your trip.

Another thing to note while selecting a backpack for your cat is the places you will be traveling to because the material of each backpack differs from the other. For hiking or long distances, we suggest using our "The Discoverer Cat”, which is one of the most widely used backpacks we have. Specially designed for long trips and harsh weathers. It will keep your cat safe when you hike/stay in areas that require extra padding for comfort.

The Discoverer Cat Backpack

These are just the best-seller list that we recommend to our new customers however, we have a wide range of backpacks that fit every need a cat-owner might have.

Once you choose a backpack, your life will become ten times easier - guaranteed. There’s no need to leave your cat alone at home while you go on a trip anymore or to carry those heavy containers that make your cat feel fussy and annoyed!

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