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Learn how to train your cat!

Got a new backpack but confused about how to train your cat for their new carrier? Keep reading to find a full guide for your convenience.

If you are the proud owner of a cat you probably already know this – cats aren’t fond of traveling. Be it to the vet’s office or to a long trip, now that’s usually not a problem but the problem arises if you’re an avid traveler. We all love our pets dearly and leaving them behind each time you plan a trip can be a difficult task which is why you need to make sure your cat is prepared to travel with you!

There’s no fun traveling with a fussy cat, which is why a cat backpack is everything a cat owner wishes for! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already selected a backpack from our wide range of backpacks – Great choice!

Cat Backpack

Now let’s move on to the training. The first thing to remember when you start the training process is that each cat is different and will respond to their own backpack is a different manner – Be patient.

There are plenty of ways to train your cat into using their new cat backpack, it might take longer if your cat is a bit older since kittens tend to learn much faster than older cats. However, that does not mean that older cats do not learn, it just means they just take a little more time (and of course patience).

  • Association to you.

As a cat owner, you must already know that cats love backpacks. Every time you enter with your backpack, your cat would sit on it or snuggle next to it. Research suggests that this is due to the new scents that you bring from outside. Cats are normally very scent-oriented and prefer to mark their territory on new scents.

To start the process of training your cat, you need to make sure they like the backpack first.

One proven way of getting your cat to like their cat backpack is to use it yourself first. Taking the cat backpack outside and letting it get new scents will be a great way to get your cat comfortable with the backpack.

Much like humans, cats tend to like being appreciated for the things they do. Rewards are the easiest and most effective way to get someone (even your cat) to do something. When introducing the backpack in your cat’s non-happening life, you need to make sure that each step they take towards the backpack is highly appreciated.

Now each owner knows their cat well enough to know what they would prefer as a reward, but here are some common rewards that you could use to further increase their interest in the backpack:

1. Using verbal praises: This is the easiest way to get your cat encouraged. Every time your cat takes a positive step or responds to the backpack in a positive manner, give them verbal praises. These verbal praises can include words such as “Good Girl”, “Good Boy” or even something as simple as “Good Job”.

Training your Cat for Backpack

2. Using food treats: As a cat owner, you must know your cat enjoys that certain type of food. This works especially well if your cat is food-oriented. Every time your cat is near the backpack, or even afar, make sure you place their favorite food item inside the backpack. This would force them to go sniffing in the backpack and once they find their favorite treat inside, make sure you make a big deal out of it. Repeating this every few hours will result in them being more motivated to explore the backpack.

Cat Training for Backpack

3. Using toys: Cats are usually very fun animals; every cat owner knows there has to be at least one toy that your cat absolutely loves. Now, this toy can range from a car key to a ball, as their owner, you must already know which one to use. What you can do is place the toy inside the cat backpack for your cat to dig it out, if in case they are unable to locate it, make sure you take the toy out from inside the backpack in front of your cat. This will make them look for the backpack every time they want their toy.

Cat Playing with Toys

  • Creating a safe space.

Once your cat has gotten used to the backpack, start getting them used to sleeping or staying inside the backpack for more than an hour. To do this, place the backpack near you each time you sleep to make sure they feel safe.

You can also place the backpack where your cat spends most of the day which will help them register the backpack as home.

Cat Ready for Backpack

  • Working on your walk.

For the most part, you will be the one carrying the backpack and your cat inside it. That may not seem like a point to note but it is essential that your cat is fond of walking around being carried by you.

Start by carrying your cat inside the backpack without zipping him up, once your cat is used to being carried around, try different styles of walking or swinging while you walk, this will count as a fun experience for your cat and they are more likely to enjoy the trip.

Cat Sitting in Cat Backpack

It is important that you, as a cat owner, are comfortable with the backpack. Make sure the backpack does not hurt your spine when the cat is placed inside it and then start the daily usage!

  • Start small.

Once your cat is okay with being inside the backpack, start moving around with the backpack in your hands to small distances – such as from the living room to the kitchen (Make sure you praise them during the small distance). Moving your cat around will make them get used to the travel inside a backpack. However, your work has just started.

After the initial step, your cat must now be okay with traveling inside your house inside the backpack, now you can change it to a slightly larger distance. Remember to not take them to any places they don’t like in their backpacks. This would result in associating the backpack with a bad place such as the vets. We suggest taking them to parks at first.

Best Cat Backpack

  • Finalizing the travel.

Once your cat is okay and happy with traveling inside the backpack, start with closing the zip little by little. This will be a difficult step since cats don’t like being in the dark and your cat might get claustrophobic, luckily, all our bags have big air-holes and/glass bubbles to ensure air circulation inside. Start by closing the zip little by little, each time you increase the zipped part, give your cat a treat.

After making sure your cat is ready to be inside the backpack for trips with a closed zip, take your cat out for trips – make them short at first. Keep checking your cat every five minutes during the trip to make sure they are okay with being inside and to remind them you are still there. This will increase their comfortableness inside the backpack. 

Traveling with a Cat in Backpack

Once your cat is ready and set to be traveling inside their backpack, we promise you it will be an experience you never forget – Happy (but safe) traveling!

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